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David’s original watercolors are now going into denver homes.  You have the opportunity to be one of the lucky residents to be in the avant garde.  His 30” x 90” original watercolor of the Lava Wall will soon be installed in a beautiful Denver home.  A few limited editions will be available in the future, but there is only ONE original. There are a few originals that are framed and ready to hang.  They are available for your viewing with an appointment at David’s Gallery located at 2301 W30th Ave in the LowHi Art district in Denver



David has much experience doing commercial projects and is now focused on his watercolors for outstanding architectural spaces.  His Denim Series will be available for custom dimensions as a special reproduction. He also has several other pieces in concept. He will also do a commissioned piece under special occasions.  

Room J copy.jpg


This category has two divisions.  The first division is Heroes. David has completed a “Bigger than Life” watercolor of a MX rider.  In the near future David will be contracting with a champion to paint a commissioned piece that will capture an impression of  the movement and life of the sport.

The second division is David’s love of community involvement.  He has a compassion to paint original paintings of unseen legends.  This currently is something David is passionate about. His “Survivor” series is about these heroes.

Flow State


A true believer in altered states dance has to fit into the “FLOW” state. Watching these performer / athletes is like a trance for me. I have never seen them as singular but more like as a part of my existence and a fuel for my internal creative place. I wanted to conceptually express the flow and chaos of movement into a visual painting. This really is a fun piece to sit with and of course you might just want to turn up the tunes and dance!



Quantum Possibilities


Always fascinated with neuroanatomy and neurophysiology I worked in a children’s hospital the 90’s. Discovering so much I was triggered by the recent discovery of the new Rose Hip Neuron. Quoted from the Smithsonian: “It may be that in order to fully understand psychiatric disorders, we need to get access to these special types of neurons that exist only in humans,” neuroscientist Joshua Gordon, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, tells Jon Hamilton at NPR. It is nice to know we are a level above mice:)

This piece seems to keep me in a calm state for long periods. Hope you enjoy it!



Life Is Art 


Art has allowed me to express my visions of my life experiences. Many of these experiences are the interaction of others and the involvement of their lives on this big blue marble. It is true that they might be insignificant to the whole but for me and my subjects it becomes an experiential reality. This experience with "NOVA" is special from several aspects for me. I want to share this and see how it moves you into part of my world and how experience it.


I hope you enjoy this art as much as I do.



STEP ONE:  David starts with a few rough sketches.


STEP TWO:  Proceeds to the details

STEP THREE:  Lays in his base darks

STEP FOUR: Really starts expressing with color

 “Cliff Face" was inspired by a Spring Break trip to Rocky Mountain National Park,  For the first time, David came face to face with the Lava Wall that was formed about 25 million years ago as a volcano erupted and spewed volcanic ash at 12,000 feet elevation.  David was awed at the multiple colors displayed and the stark contrast against the snow covered mountain side. Everyone seems to find faces in the painting, give it a try.




Motion Making Art 


From the beginning my inspiration has been a flow of motion. Things that are explosive and powerful but when slowed down  has created this vision I love. It is like a tension created at a loud concert but when observed everyone is moving to the beat calmly. I have been inviolved in so many competitive sports that to be able to express all the efforts, power, focus of an athelte or performer with one piece of creative art is my challange. When I get this inspired vision and can create the final piece it just makes me feel whole somehow.


I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I do.



Power & Grace


Inspired by the annual Stockshow Parade was in awe of how these massively strong animals performed. It reminded me of when Clear Creek is funneling the winter snow melt. Like the flow of water, rapids. Well this is one of my favorite pieces I hope you enjoy.



Contemporary Western Art Gets a Freash Coat of Paint!


The Wild West meets a Daytona Beach Boy. While I love the traditional western artistry from the masters - I wanted to express it in the same manner I personally percieve it. This young boy displayed an incredible sense of bravery. For me, the western lifestyle  has literally been a rebirth. (I hope my paintings do it justice!)



The Professional


The professionals performance only needs to be 8 seconds. Remarkably different from the fun and free, this performer is a pro in every sense of the word. I thoroughly enjoyed this project. I am utterly fascinated by the symmetry of motion as it encompasses such a violent outburst of raw, explosive power.

Feel it, Smell it, Hear it



The Language We All Understand


Allowing oneself to be free and present in the moment is undeniably a bridge to our past. The American Indians are such a strong and spirited group of people who truly exhibit an immense amount of pride and passion while performing these ritual dances. Thus far, this is sincerely one of my most celebrated works of art. Properly illustrating  the power and beauty in my art is a tremendous responsibility I wanted to accuratly translate into this superb expression of color.